Parham Landing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Description: The Parham Landing Wastewater Treatment Plant project consisted of expanding the wastewater treatment plant from 0.568 to 2.0 MGD and upgrading select treatment process components. The project also included a reuse system to provide bulk irrigation water to aid in preventing groundwater shortages. The construction schedule was the primary challenge of the project as over $22 million of work had to be completed within 18 months. The owner pre-procured with Dutchland to expedite the construction process. In addition, Dutchland utilized an innovative prestressed concrete design that enabled them to not only meet the aggressive construction schedule, but provide considerable cost savings as a result of efficient design and utilization of materials.

Project Details


Project Duration

18 months 


Date Completed

October 2010



Sequential Batch Reactor/Post-Equalization Tank and Pre-Equalization Tank



2.0 MGD

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