Parham Landing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Description: The Parham Landing Wastewater Treatment Plant project consisted of expanding the wastewater treatment plant from 0.568 to 2.0 MGD and upgrading select treatment process components. The project also included a reuse system to provide bulk irrigation water to aid in preventing groundwater shortages. The construction schedule was the primary challenge of the project as over $22 million of work had to be completed within 18 months. The owner pre-procured with Dutchland to expedite the construction process. In addition, Dutchland utilized an innovative post-tensioned concrete design that enabled them to not only meet the aggressive construction schedule, but provide considerable cost savings as a result of efficient design and utilization of materials.

Project Details


Project Duration

18 months 


Date Completed

October 2010



Sequential Batch Reactor/Post-Equalization Tank and Pre-Equalization Tank



2.0 MGD

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