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You deserve a positive experience. Dutchland, Inc. manufactures and constructs quality precast concrete environmental solutions for value-centric customers. We put the focus on you and solving your needs, whatever they may be.

Our Values

  • Honor God in everything

  • Exhibit integrity, quality and professionalism

  • Accentuate safety

  • Enhance our employees’ quality of life

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You want full-service design, manufacturing & construction

Dutchland, Inc. is an innovative industry leader, producing precast post-tensioned concrete structures for water and wastewater applications. As a full service firm, Dutchland specializes in engineering, production, construction and warranting of structures that are generally utilized for:

  • Potable Water Treatment and Storage Tanks

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Clarifier Tanks

  • Anaerobic Digesters

  • Stormwater Detention Tanks

Dutchland Services:

  • Estimates and budgets

  • Engineering and drafting

  • Fabrication of precast post-tensioned concrete elements

  • Fabrication of on-site base slabs

  • Erection of precast post-tensioned elements

  • Installation of mechanical equipment and instrumentation

  • Testing, start-up and training

We believe in the value of experience… Our History

Dutchland, Inc. founders, Daniel and Katie Kauffman


Founded by Daniel and Katie Kauffman as Daniel E Kauffman Excavating. It Started with Dan, Katie, their kids and a few employees, installing residential drain fields and septic tanks.


The family business built its first small wastewater treatment plant designed to treat approximately 10,000 gallons per day.


Dan and Katie changed the name of the business from Daniel E. Kauffman Excavating to Dutchland, Incorporated, named for the German and Swiss communities that inhabit Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Mid 1980s

Dutchland, Inc. experimented with manufacturing precast concrete wall systems to construct larger wastewater treatment plants, the beginning of the precast, post-tensioned concrete products for which Dutchland, Inc. is now known for.

Dutchland continued to research and develop new methods of advanced wastewater treatment, working closely with the PA DEP (then known as DER) and experts at Penn State University to refine concepts for biological nutrient removal (BNR).

Late 1980s

Dutchland began producing pumping stations, box culverts, and other products closely associated with the water and wastewater industry. The second generation of Kauffman Family members became fully involved in the business, including Ben and Lee Kauffman, and Mary Ann Kauffman-Stoltzfus.


Dutchland, Inc. became known for packaged wastewater treatment plant production, as well as the production of larger post-tensioned concrete systems. They became NPCA certified and one of the highest NPCA ranked precast concrete manufacturing facilities in the Nation.


Dutchland, Inc. has 150+ employees and designs and builds advanced wastewater treatment systems (including BNR reduction for the Chesapeake Bay Initiative), water storage tanks, as well as other highly specialized precast concrete structures, such as fire protection tanks. Dutchland’s products are specified and designed by many engineering firms, primarily in the Northeast United States.

As part of the local community and beyond, Dutchland takes seriously the need and challenge of providing clean water for future generations and attributes its success to the fine employees who have made the company what it is today.