We believe in high-level integration

You want tailored solutions for your unique wastewater needs. Our multi-disciplinary design team will partner with you to develop precisely what you need.


Structural Design/Build

In order to deliver the optimal solution for each unique customer, Dutchland has a full staff of engineers and drafters to provide technical support at every phase of the project, from conception through completion. Dutchland engineers are licensed in 15 plus states, serve on ACI and AWWA committees and have the expertise and experience to provide owners, engineers and general contractors with unprecedented technical support services.

Dutchland structural engineers provide the following services to ensure precast structures are optimized for each application and site:

  • Budgetary designs and pricing
  • Preliminary (pre-bid) drawings
  • Specifications
  • Complete structural designs
  • Permitting
  • Plant start-up
  • Operation consulting

We believe
in education

Dutchland offers a variety of education opportunities for professionals at all levels of their careers to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH). These programs are offered at no charge and include: seminars, lunch and learn presentations, site visits, plant tours, and much more.

Lunch & Learn

Dutchland has the expertise and is committed to helping educate the concrete industry.

Earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) as you learn about products, technologies and innovations for the water and wastewater industry.

Our technical presentations can vary in length, location and content to meet your specific needs.

dutchland plant tour

Plant Tours

Dutchland is pleased to offer guided tours through our state-of-the-art facility so that visitors can witness first-hand the quality that sets us apart from our competition.

This is a great opportunity to observe the entire precast, pre-stressed manufacturing process from engineering and connections, form set-up, casting and finishing.

Site Visits

Watching a Dutchland precast tank installation is a wonderful opportunity to better understand our unique tank designs, installation process, and quality.

Dutchland will coordinate the arrangements for you to view all or part of a precast installation. Site visits qualify for Professional Development Hours and can be scheduled to accommodate your needs.

Mechanical Retrofits

Dutchland, Inc. provides a complete menu of wastewater treatment services to help customers streamline system operations, solve process problems, meet environmental compliance and rehabilitate systems.

Our mechanical process specialists will work with you to solve process problems and improve system performance, as well as optimize the quality and productivity of the facility. Some of our services include: permitting, upgrades, inspections, and consulting.

  • Tertiary Filters
  • Blowers
  • Controls
  • Diffusers
  • Anoxic Mixers
  • Flow Regulation Box