We believe in our concrete

You deserve the highest quality standards in a temperature-controlled facility that produces precast concrete to guarantee long-term durability & watertightness. There is no wasted concrete at the Dutchland facility – any unused concrete is used to manufacture retaining blocks.

Precast Facility

Inside the 107,000 square foot precast facility, the manufacturing team constructs custom-designed precast post-tensioned concrete panels.

The indoor facility is a huge benefit over cast in place. Dutchland can manufacture panels year round because weather does not affect production.

Square Feet

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Dutchland utilizes self-consolidating concrete with a very low water-to-cement ratio (0.38)


24% fly-ash to produce dense, impermeable concrete

Material Storage

Dutchland produces its own concrete with materials that come from nearby quarries and from suppliers we utilize year after year to assure predictable and consistent results.

Storing these materials in a climate controlled space allows us to keep them at the perfect moisture levels for mixing concrete.

Rebar Fabrication

Dutchland shapes its own steel for rebar which enables us to reach much tighter tolerances than outside companies.

Precast Panel Manufacturing

Precasting concrete results in a shorter overall project schedule because precast operations occur at our facility while site work, such as excavation and the installation of deep foundations, are occurring simultaneously.

Horizontal casting in Dutchland's precast facility

Controlled plant environment

Results in consistency in temperature, moisture and lower water-to-cement ratios, as well as rebar and form control.

Post-tensioning a concrete panel

State-of-the-art technology

Tanks are dynamically reinforced with post-tensioning tendons to maintain a higher residual compression in the walls.

Constructing a precast post tensioned concrete tank

Construction advantage

Significantly shorter overall project schedule because off-site manufacturing occurs simultaneously with on-site work.


At Dutchland, we set the highest standard of quality throughout our operations to drive outstanding results in our precast products. Production integrity begins with detailed engineering designs and is implemented with quality materials, precision molds, and extra care in finishing and handling.

Dutchland utilizes a comprehensive and formally documented Quality System Manual that is administered by QA/QC employees independent of our plant operations. We have an on-site Quality Control Laboratory to test all materials, such as aggregate and mix components, for moisture content and gradations. 

Checking raw materials
Spread test

Additionally, during daily set-up procedures, the Dutchland QA/QC team conducts a “pre-pour” inspection of all molds, dimensions, and materials to ensure that accuracy and quality is built into our products. The QA/QC team also conducts a “post-pour” examination to verify the dimensions and inserts special to each piece, as well as a final check in the yard.

Dutchland quality control lab

Our QA/QC team also tests and documents every twenty yards of concrete for:

  • Unit weight

  • Air entrainment

  • Spread

  • Temperature

  • Cylinders for compressive strength

    • 2 cylinders tested at 12-17 hours
    • 2 cylinders tested at 7 days
    • 2 cylinders tested at 14 days
    • 3 cylinders tested at 28 days
    • 1 cylinder tested at 56 days
Cylinder break test