Moorefield Wastewater Treatment Plant

Description: The town of Moorefield, WV constructed a $36 million wastewater treatment plant in an effort to eliminate almost 30% of all the waste West Virginia contributes to the Chesapeake Bay. Using an innovative precast post-tensioned concrete tank design, Dutchland, Inc. exceeded the customer’s requirements and realized savings of over $1 million for Moorefield. By maximizing engineering efficiencies, Dutchland, Inc. provided the customer with a state-of–the-art structural design that generated considerable savings in production, construction, and maintenance of the tanks for Moorefield.

moorefield wwtp

Project Details



Oxidation Ditch with two Primary Clarifiers, Two Final Clarifiers, and a filter


Project Duration

8 months


Date Completed

February 2013



4.1 MGD Advanced Nutrient Wastewater Treatment Facility

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