Wheatland Farms

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wheatland Farms WWTP was built by Dutchland in 2004 as a precast post-tensioned concrete extended aeration treatment plant. It was originally designed to treat 128,000 gallons per day. However, due to the changing needs of the community and the customer, Dutchland altered the design of the plant in 2011 to treat 37,500 gallons per day.

Dutchland designed a unique solution to meet the plant’s current demands while allowing for future expansion of an additional 30,000 gpd. The retrofit included two trains of tanks with one being utilized for process treatment and the other for effluent storage. The active train is set up for 37,500 gpd flow and the dual side-by-side train is intended for 30,000 gallons.

Dutchland also built an AWWA D115 precast post-tensioned circular tank to provide 67,000 gallons of additional storage for a drip irrigation field. At the conclusion of the project, Brian Campbell, owner of Wheatland Farms, commented, “Dutchland did a great job and Wheatland has a superior system due to the quality and experience of the Dutchland team.”

Project Details


Date Completed

May 2011



37,500 GPD

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