Strasburg Borough

Potable Water Storage Tank

Dutchland, Inc. constructed a 750,000 gallon precast post-tensioned potable water storage tank for the Strasburg Borough Authority that incorporated numerous innovative design elements.

Dutchland’s economical and compact tank design included interior chambers, an interior overflow pipe, and a base slab that slopes to an off-center sump located close to the exterior wall.

The center column of the tank serves the dual purpose of supporting the roof and housing an ozone disinfection system. In addition to providing a state-of–the-art tank design for Strasburg Borough, Dutchland provided numerous aesthetic options to make the tank appealing for the community.

The exterior of the Strasburg tank features two-inch thick ribs, wall panels that are stained two different shades, and a 4-ft by 16-ft impression of a train.

Project Details


Construction Duration

12 weeks


Project Completion

September 2010



750,000 Gallon Potable Water Storage

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