Furmano Foods

Wastewater Treatment Expansion

Description: Increased production in recent years at Furmano Foods in Northumberland, PA required upgrading and expanding the company’s on-site wastewater treatment system. Additionally, Furmano’s was interested in generating “green” energy from its wastewater. Dutchland, Inc. addressed Furmano’s issues by building a 7.5 MG precast post-tensioned anaerobic digester, complete with internal influent/effluent distribution piping, mixer, and biogas collection/handling. The tank houses a 250 kW generator set to convert biogas into electricity for on-site use and exports excess power to the electric grid.

Results: The treatment plant treats a peak flow of 1.06 MG with chemical oxygen demand/biochemical oxygen demand (COD/BOD) concentrations of 5800/3400 mg/l, providing better than 85% COD and 90% BOD reduction. Furmano’s also produces an amount of energy equivalent to 30% of its on-site load.

Project Details


Project Completion

February 2012



7.5 MGD Anaerobic Digester

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