Eagle Hunt

Effluent Storage Tank

Dutchland designed and constructed a circular precast posttensioned concrete effluent storage tank to serve as a large detention basin for treated water.

Located in the upscale residential community of Eagle Hunt, a neighborhood of about 130 homes, the 2.3 MGD tank provided a cost-effective, maintenance-free water storage tank with extreme durability and structural integrity. Because of its high visibility in a residential development, the 108-by-36-foot structure also met the aesthetic standards of the project owner.

Precast concrete was chosen for the tank’s wall panels over other materials for many reasons, including a considerable reduction in cost. Because concrete does not require many of the labor-intensive, high maintenance applications typically associated with steel tanks, such as sandblasting and exterior coating, precast was considered a cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free alternative.

Additionally, precast concrete tanks are not limited to aboveground installation. Two-thirds of the Eagle Hunt tank is underground and therefore out of sight of adjacent homes, the closest of which is 50 feet. Partial in-ground installation enabled the builder to sell premium homes in the community without a problem.

Project Details


Structure Footprint

108-ft long by 36-ft tall



2.3 MGD Effluent Storage Tank

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