Earl Township Wastewater Facility

Description: In 1995, Dutchland designed and constructed a wastewater treatment plant with an average daily flow of 0.48 MGD for Earl Township to serve the Gardenspot Village Retirement Community. The tank footprint measures 154’-2” long by 47’-8” wide by 21’ tall and consists of a two-basin SBR, dual digesters, and a post-equalization tank under the control building.

In 2017, Earl Township completed multiple capital improvements and modifications to the existing facilities, including a new influent screening facility and pump station, construction of new sequencing batch reactors, conversion of the existing SBRs to aerobic digestion and post equalization, construction of tertiary filtration, replacement of the existing UV disinfection, and all associated structures and systems.

The upgraded WWTP was designed for an average daily flow of 0.774 MGD and a peak flow of 1.4 MGD. Dutchland designed and constructed the new two-basin SBR reactor tank. Each reactor measures 74’ by 74’ by 24’ deep. The tank was constructed by Dutchland in eleven weeks on site.

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