City of Reading’s Fritz Island WWTP

Description: Construction has begun for the renovation & upgrade of the City of Reading’s Fritz Island WWTP. The $148M job is the largest wastewater treatment project in PA. When the project is done, it will handle 24.7 MG of sewage per day.

The project will be built in phases to maximize the treatment capacity during construction. Phase One includes construction of two precast post-tensioned clarifier tanks and a precast post-tensioned process reactor. Phase Two, anticipated for spring 2019, includes construction of two additional precast clarifiers. Phase One will be transitioned into operation prior to Phase Two being complete to avoid interruptions in the treatment process.

The project was designed by RK&K and M.F. Ronca & Sons is the General Contractor. Hazen & Sawyer is serving as the construction manager for the project. Dutchland’s scope includes building the precast process reactor and the four final precast clarifier tanks.

Dutchland completed construction for the two clarifier tanks in twelve weeks. Each clarifier has a 160’ diameter and includes 64 precast panels. To put a higher capacity through the clarifiers, each tank includes a double-sided launder. Construction of the precast reactor tank was completed in 26 weeks. The reactor tank measures 355’ long by 150’ wide and includes 603 precast pieces.

Dutchland will be back on site at the Fritz Island WWTP in the spring 2019 for Phase Two of the project which includes construction of two additional clarifiers, each with a 160’ diameter.

Project Manager, Carson Freeman, noted that “M.F. Ronca fully anticipates meeting the aggressive overall project schedule which is largely attributable to the efforts of Dutchland. Ronca could not have accomplished this project scope with the traditional form and pour concrete. “

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