Charles Town Utility Board

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

In 2015, the Charles Town Utility Board began Phase 1 of the Charles Town Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade for tertiary treatment to assist in meeting Chesapeake Bay environmental standards. The Charles Town Utility Board and their engineer, RK&K, specified Dutchland for the tank structures due to the high level of quality in precast concrete, as well as its ability to meet the aggressive project schedule and accommodate difficult site access. Dutchland’s project scope included manufacturing and constructing a precast rectangular filter tank measuring 48’ long by 39’-2” wide and a post-equalization tank measuring 47’-6” long by 27’ wide. Dutchland built both precast post-tensioned structures in less than eleven weeks on-site.

Due to the success of Dutchland delivering an exceptional quality product on-time and within budget for the wastewater treatment plant, the Charles Town Utility Board again specified Dutchland for its Phase 2 expansion at the Charles Town Water Treatment plant in 2016. Dutchland constructed an 85’ long by 40’ wide rectangular flocculation/sedimentation basin as part of the upgrade at the Charles Town Water Treatment Plant. The structure has two separate trains with a control room incorporated within it. The basin includes plate settlers inside the tank to remove particulates. This was the first time this process was used in West Virginia.

Dutchland also built a 1 MG AWWA D115 circular chlorine contact tank as part of the Water Treatment Plant expansion. The tank has an 80’ diameter and was needed to replace an antiquated tank with insufficient retention time.

Dutchland completed construction of both the flocculation tank and the chlorine contact tank in less than sixteen weeks on-site, which could not have been accomplished with cast-in-place concrete.

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