In our last blog, we covered the first half of the wastewater treatment process. Today, we’re going to finish the process and end with clean, purified water that can be recycled.

The Steps Of The Water Treatment Process

  • Preliminary Treatment
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment (Biological Stage)
  • Digestion Stage
  • Second Digestion Stage
  • Deep Inspection

We left our last article at the secondary treatment, or biological stage, in which the excess sludge is removed from the water and moved into digestion tanks for further treatment.

Water Treatment The Digestion Stage

The digestion stage is strictly for the sludge that was removed from the wastewater. The sludge is heated and mixed to produce biogas, or a mixture of gases produced by the organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be reused by the wastewater treatment plant for electrical and thermal energy production.

Once the sludge digestion has reached optimal levels, the second digestion stage takes place. In this stage, water is separated from the semi-solid sludge and brought back for further treatment. The leftover semi-solid sludge then goes through mechanical dewatering.

The sludge, dewatered and digested, is finally disposed of at the dump. In about a month, the sludge will be adequately dried out and ripe. If it complies with agricultural standards, it can then be reused for fertilizing industrial crops.

The Deep Inspection

Now, the attention turns back to the water being treated. The final step of wastewater treatment is the deep inspection of the newly treated service water. This inspection is designed to do a critical analysis of the contamination level in the water and ensure that it complies with the highest standards. If the water passes inspection, it can then be released and reused for domestic or industrial purposes.

Wastewater treatment is a multilayered, complex system that is critical for our reusable water supply. Without it, we would be in a severe water shortage and businesses would be suffering financially for it. Wastewater treatment is a huge industry, and requires the skill of qualified experts to operate safely.

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