Exciting news! One of Dutchland’s valued partners, Scott Sechler, owner of Bell & Evans, will appear on the September 20 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, “In Defense of American Chicken,” where he discusses American poultry practices in a panel alongside Perdue and Tyson.

The episode, which is episode 3 of Season 9, “Your Food Deconstructed: Connecting Customers and Manufacturers,” relates to European confidence (and the lack thereof) in consuming American chicken. Topics discussed on the episode include chilling methods like Bell & Evans’ 100% Air Chilled process versus chlorinated water cooling methods, as well as stress elimination for the chickens. Tune in to watch!

You can find your local station and airtime at www.doctoroz.com/page/where-watch-dr-oz-show. And,
Scott will share his experience and some “behind-the-scenes” conversation after the episode airs on bellandevans.com/tricks-of-the-trade/scotts-chicken-blog/

Dutchland constructed a 3.2 MG anoxic reactor tank for Bell & Evan’s plant in Fredericksburg, PA in 2016 and has another bidding opportunity with them at the Keystone Proteins facility. Perdue Farms is also a valued partner of Dutchland’s; Dutchland built a 2.1 MG and a 1.5 MG precast post-tensioned tank at their facility in Lewiston-Woodville, NC in 2008.