Milton Regional Sewer Authority

Wastewater to Energy (Ww2E) Project

The Milton Regional Sewer Authority’s Wastewater to Energy (Ww2E) Project is a $35.8 million upgrade and expansion of the Authority’s 3.42 MGD WWTP in Northumberland County.

The Ww2E project, constructed by Dutchland, Inc. using precast post-tensioned concrete, includes two anaerobic digester tanks, one vertical loop reactor tank, and two clarifier tanks to treat the 4.25 MGD average daily flow with an approximate strength equivalent to 44.5 MGD of municipal waste.

By harvesting the energy in the wastewater it receives, the Milton WWTP will become one of the most energy efficient wastewater treatment plants in the country.

At project completion, the Milton Ww2E will produce:

  • 1.2 MW electrical energy from biogas
  • Dry biosolids that will be sold as a soil amendment or as a renewable fuel
  • Effluent water that exceeds compliance levels

Project Details


Project Completion

July 2014



4.25 MGD Ww2E Facility

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