Warren Wastewater Treatment Plant

Description: In 2018, the Town of Warren, RI invested in a $20 million upgrade to the Warren Wastewater Treatment Plant. The goal of the project was to modernize the wastewater treatment facility by reducing nitrogen discharges into the Warren River and increase the resiliency of the facility to storms, floods, and the effects of climate change.

As part of the plant upgrade, Dutchland designed and manufactured a precast post-tensioned reactor tank. The project engineers at Woodard & Curran selected precast concrete due to the tight site constraints, aggressive project schedule, and high project costs due to high prevailing wage rates. The precast reactor tank measures 81’ long by 80’ wide with 18’ tall wall panels. The reactor tank is built on 95 driven steel H-piles.

Rhode Island is heavily unionized and Hart Engineering, the general contractor, is signatory to both union carpenters and iron workers. Hart Engineering and Dutchland determined that it would be in the best interest of the customer to have Dutchland design and manufacture the precast panels but have the tank constructed by the local labor force. Hart Engineering provided the union labor and Dutchland provided an on-site supervisor to ensure that Dutchland’s quality standards were met. The tank was constructed in less than twelve weeks on-site.

The Warren WWTP was recently selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a 2018 Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Excellence Award.

warren wwtp