Aquia WWTF Upgrade

Project Description: In 1991, Dutchland constructed a precast post-tensioned SBR for the Leacock Township Sewer Authority with a capacity of 0.52 MGD. Seventeen years later in 2008, the Township invested in an upgrade and expansion on the facilities. Dutchland built a second SBR with a capacity of 0.45 MGD and added new penetrations to the existing post-tensioned tank for interconnection to the new tank.

After construction of the second tank was completed, the original SBR was drained and the interior of the tank coated. ARRO Engineering inspected the tank before coating and found that, despite long-term exposure to high strength waste, the observed condition of the original precast tank interior surfaces was exceptional.

leacock wwtp

Photo taken after original SBR built in 1991 was pumped down on 8/9/10.

leacock wwtp

SBR Constructed in 1991

Capacity: 0.52 MGD

Footprint: 127’-4” long x 41’-8” wide x 19’ deep

leacock wwtp

SBR Constructed in 2008

Capacity: 0.45 MGD

Footprint: 109’-6” long x 41’-8” wide x 19’ deep

Dutchland, Inc. has provided quality craftsmanship and outstanding personnel at all levels. I would highly recommend Dutchland products and services for any project.

Bruce Ammon

Leacock Township Supervisor