October 2021

Dutchland’s Involvement in Cutting-Edge Water Project at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 

The future is taking shape in Accokeek, Maryland, in the form of a cutting-edge water treatment and green energy project, and Dutchland is proud to be a part of it! Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is transforming the way the Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility will handle waste from five existing water resource recovery facilities. The Piscataway Bioenergy Project – the largest and most technically advanced project ever constructed by WSSC Water – will use innovative technology to recover resources and produce green energy.

As part of the Piscataway Water Recovery Facility Bioenergy Phase 2 Upgrade, Dutchland has built a precast post-tensioned sidestream structure for the facility. The sidestream tank was built under the Design-Build delivery methodology with partners PC Construction and Hazen & Sawyer. Stantec participated as the Owner’s representative. The tank was designed to AWWA D115 standards and contains two de-ammonification reactors and two clarifiers with a common-walled pump room in between.

Watch the tank being constructed and notice all the complexities in the design!


Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility

The footprint of the reactor tanks measures 84’-6” long by 67’-10” wide and includes elevated troughs and scum boxes. The tank is built on three different base slab elevations, ranging from elevation 16.00’ to elevation 27.00’, which required three separate slab pours. A mixer is located in the center of each de-ammonification reactor which is supported by the precast structure. The sidestream tank also includes an integrated pump room measuring 20’ long by 28’-11” wide. The pump room is covered with a concrete roof and is adjoining to two rectangular clarifiers measuring 42’ long by 28’-11” wide. The clarifier tanks have a sloped base slab.

The structure, which is partially buried, contains wall heights ranging from 26’ tall to 12’ tall. The on-site construction schedule for the sidestream tank was 12 weeks. Dutchland was pleased to partner on a project that uses efficiency, technology and sustainability to enhance the region’s environmental and financial health.

yardley wwtp

Yardley WTP

Dutchland Builds New Water Tank for PA American Water

Every Dutchland tank is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each project and the treatment tank built for the Yardley Water Treatment Plant is no exception.

In May, Dutchland completed construction of an 800,000 gallon treatment tank for the Yardley WTP Improvement Project in Bucks County, PA.

The tank, measuring 77’ long by 71’ wide by 21’ tall, includes a three-train Flocculation Plate Settler/Sedimentation design with an adjoining carbon contact basin and dry pipe gallery. The tank has three different base slab elevations, and two small portions of the tank are covered with a precast roof.  The tank is comprised of 175 precast pieces. The precast was erected in 6 days and Dutchland’s total on-site duration was only 9 weeks. 

The Yardley WTP project is Dutchland’s sixth project with PA American Water.  Pennsylvania American Water’s Yardley Water Treatment Plant provides drinking water to nearly 13,000 homes and businesses in Lower Makefield Township, Yardley Borough, and portions of Falls Township. It was gratifying for Dutchland to partner with Allan Myers and Gannett Fleming on the project to contribute to providing safe, clean, affordable and reliable water service to so many people.

An Innovative Expansion at the Fredericksburg Water & Sewer Authority


Did you know that modifying post-tensioned structures is very feasible and can be done without compromising the structural integrity of the tank? A prime example is the recent expansion and upgrade for the Fredericksburg Sewer & Water Authority in Lebanon County, PA.

This past summer, Dutchland completed a tank expansion at the Fredericksburg WWTP which was built in 2013. The original wastewater treatment tank included two SBR trains, two digesters, and a post-equalization tank. However, provisions were made during in the engineering design to add a third SBR train if needed in the future.

In 2021, a plant expansion was needed due to residential growth. Dutchland was able to add a third SBR train to the original tank. The new SBR tank, measuring 45’ long by 60’ wide, was easily integrated into the original structure. The post-tensioning strand in the new precast walls are coupled directly to the existing tank tendons. This essentially creates tendons from the old construction through the new construction.

In addition to the structural tank construction, Dutchland was the general contractor for the project and responsible for the excavation, mechanical equipment installation, and electrical equipment installation as well as the tank. Dutchland added an additional UV system, upgraded the disk filter system by adding more disks, added motor blowers, and performed mechanical changes to accommodate the new SBR train.


Hard Hat Luncheon at the Canton WWTP

On November 11, 2021, Dutchland and Templeton & Associates will be hosting a Hard Hat Luncheon during the construction of a biological reactor tank for the Canton WWTP in Cherokee County, GA. Join us for lunch and watch as Dutchland’s crew installs the precast internal tendon reactor tank measuring 162′ long by 119′ wide by 26′ tall.

The installation process provides a great opportunity to understand the benefits of Dutchland’s internal tendon system, quality, workmanship, and speed.

RSVP to Annmarie Hyrb at ahyrb@dutchlandinc.com or 717-327-9617 if you are able to join us!

Dutchland Sponsors “Katie’s Courtyard” at The Factory Ministries

Dutchland & The Factory Ministries hosted a surprise ribbon-cutting for “Katie’s Courtyard” on September 10, 2021, to honor the immense volunteer contributions of Katie Kauffman. Katie Kauffman, Dutchland’s former CEO who co-founded Dutchland along with her husband Dan, was passionate about serving the community. Amongst her innumerable volunteer contributions, she was a founding member of “Together for the Good Initiative” and The Factory Ministries.

To recognize Katie’s deep commitment to investing in the local community, Dutchland sponsored the courtyard at The Factory Ministries which is designed to bring hope, comfort and peace to individuals and families facing poverty.

The project, which spanned over five months, was managed by Lee Kauffman. The landscape plan was designed by Adam Nagle, Director of The Factory Ministries but all the labor and material were provided by Dutchland. Dutchland employees, Dave Dunn, Dannie Kauffman, and Amos Lapp performed all the work on the courtyard over five months. They removed all the preexisting debris and bricks, excavated and shaped the courtyard, laid a brick patio, and installed custom planters that were built by Levi Brady. The Dutchland crew also performed all the landscaping, which included: laying rocks and mulch, installing a fountain and gazebo, installing electric for outdoor lighting and seeding grass.

Many of Katie’s family and friends participated in the ribbon-cutting including: Ben Kauffman, Lee Kauffman, Mary Stoltzfus, Sylvia Kauffman, Kris Kauffman, Bethany Kauffman, Katie Nissley, Dannie Kauffman, Shira Zimmerman, Anna King, Lena Stoltzfus.