Mine Reclamation

Dutchland has constructed and continues to construct Active Treatment Plants for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). Our goal is to clean up local streams and water ways affected by this AMD from both operational and abandoned mines.

The Dutchland Advantage

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast construction
  • Less required materials
  • LEED points
  • Value engineering

Abandoned Mines in Pennsylvania

Mines that cause environmental impacts or health and safety issues

Cleaning our water ways

Acid mine drainage is the formation and movement of highly acidic water rich in heavy metals. This acidic water forms through the chemical reaction of surface water (rainwater, snowmelt, pond water) and shallow subsurface water with rocks that contain sulfur-bearing minerals, resulting in sulfuric acid. Heavy metals can be leached from rocks that come in contact with the acid, a process that may be substantially enhanced by bacterial action. The resulting fluids may be highly toxic and, when mixed with groundwater, surface water and soil, may have harmful effects on humans, animals and plants.

 – US Environmental Protection Agency

Mine Impact Types

6,651 – Environmental

140 – Extreme Health & Safety

3,276 – Health & Safety

6 – No Priority

1,266 – No Determination

We provide a green solution

Dutchland provides a durable, long-lasting product that will last longer than the mines that emit toxic chemicals. You can expect a Dutchland tank to last 50-100 years with low maintenenace over the life of the tank.

Dutchland tanks are erected quickly and efficiently, use less materials, and are specifically designed to meet the requirements of your site.