As Storm Niko blankets the Northeast with snow, and halts activity for most construction companies, precast production at Dutchland remains uninterrupted. Unlike cast-in-place concrete or wire-wrapped tanks, Dutchland manufactures its precast concrete in a controlled plant environment. Not only is Dutchland’s concrete production unaffected by weather conditions, but the PCI-certified facility enables us to achieve consistence in temperature, moisture, lower water-to-cement ratios, as well as rebar and form control, that is not possible with cast-in-place concrete. Additionally, all precast pieces are poured horizontally which results in significantly less air entrapment. So, while most construction companies are waiting for the storm to pass, Dutchland production continues without delays. Through the snow, below-freezing temperatures, and 40 mph winds, its business as usual at Dutchland!