In July, Dutchland received two prestigious safety awards from Churchill Casualty LTD: Highest Scoring Member – Manufacturing Industry (Under 500K Hrs) and an Award of Honor, based on being the highest scoring member of Churchill for all aspects of safety. As Dutchland’s President & CEO, I am very honored for this recognition of the company. The safety and health of Dutchland employees has always been a priority and I, along with my brother and partner Lee Kauffman and the company Leadership Team, have worked diligently to create a culture of safety within the company. Maintaining a culture of safety across the business has done much more than improve safety: it has positively improved morale, staff retention, and enhanced the Dutchland environment. It has created new conversations and awareness about how to work in a safe manner. Dutchland employees are the company’s greatest asset and my expectation is to have each and every one of them return home safely after their workday. Thank you to the Churchill Casualty Ltd. group and a special thank you to all of Team Dutchland that has created the environment to win this recognition.

Ben Kauffman, President & CEO