Ben Kauffman

President & CEO

ben kauffman

Leading Dutchland, Inc. as President & CEO since 2016 is Ben Kauffman, a second generation family member who brings with him the same dedication and values that launched the company over 35 years ago. Ben worked in all areas of the company before assuming the role of vice president in 2006. He grew up in Dutchland learning not only what it takes to run a business, but also how to understand the unique needs of each customer and find ways to meet those needs.

Guided by his strong belief in teamwork, open communication, and empowerment, Ben defines and articulates the organization’s vision and develops strategies to achieve it. Ben’s ability to see the big picture enables him to successfully integrate the efforts of manufacturing, construction, and sales into a single holistic view to drive Dutchland’s overall performance. His natural business acumen and strategic skills have earned him the reputation for finding a way to accomplish the impossible.

In his free time, Ben enjoys traveling with his wife and three children, as well as golf, tennis, and driving sport cars. He has dedicated time to numerous non-profit organizations over the years and is an avid history buff and computer guru. Ben is passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.